As Sürmeli Spa, we serve to ensure the satisfaction of our valued guests.
Its primary goal is to relax your mind and body in a calm atmosphere and provide a wonderful Spa experience with its experienced staff.
A feast for all your senses at the Spa, which focuses on physical, emotional and mental well-being.


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Culture Penetrating into Water: Benefits of Turkish Bath
Benefits of Turkish Bath
  • It is known that it is good for respiratory colds and asthma and keeps the skin young and fresh.
  • During sweating, steam effectively removes toxins from the surface of the skin.
  • Steam application improves vascular flow and increases oxygenation at the cellular level.
  • Steam baths are very effective for cleansing the body from fat-storage toxins.
  • It increases blood circulation.
  • It increases the body’s metabolic activity.
  • It keeps the skin young and fresh.
  • It relieves muscle tension and pain and opens restricted joints.
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In the Turkish bath, the whole body is scrubbed, dead skin cells are cleaned and the pores are opened. Afterwards, a classic Swedish massage is applied on the goblin stone with natural soap bubbles.
The sweat secreted by our body contains a high amount of toxic waste. Bad body odor and sticky sweat are signs of intense toxins in the body. With scrub & foam massage, harmful toxins are removed from the body. As a result of removing the dead skin on the skin, the pores open and the skin gains vitality and shine.


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Aromatherapy Massage (60 min)

Harmony of Scents… Massage with aromatic oils has a soothing, relaxing and soothing feature… It warms the skin surface and is very beneficial for intense muscle and joint pains and poor circulation disorders. You can also get relief from some non-chronic diseases. The pleasant scent of aromatic oils is also very effective on emotional-related physical problems. You will feel fit, fresh and energetic after the massage.


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Benefits of Sauna and Our Health
  • Sauna has a culture that is thousands of years old and its benefits to human health have been known to people since ancient times. The sweating that occurs in our body due to sauna use is good for many diseases and illnesses, and some people even use sauna baths with the advice of a doctor.
  • With the use of sauna, the body is purified from toxins (harmful substances) with the sweat generated in our body. This way you will be cleaner and more resilient.
  • It relieves stress and brain fatigue. It gives vitality to the body by relaxing the nervous system. It gives comfort by removing the excess electrical load in the body.
  • Regular sauna use cleans dead cells on the skin, your skin renews itself over time and you will have a smoother and softer body.
  • It contributes to the elimination of sleep disorders, tension and depressive problems.
  • By using sauna regularly, you help the respiratory system work more regularly.
  • It helps melt excess fat in the body. It offers you the opportunity to lose weight in a healthy way.
  • Sauna used regularly daily relaxes the human mind and relaxes the body, allowing you to live a stress-free and healthy life for many years.


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You can exercise without getting bored in our fitness center with a unique panoramic view…


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Our outdoor swimming pool is open between 10.00 and 22:00.


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A strong wine list is offered along with local and global delicacies for breakfast and an à la carte menu for lunch and dinner. You can find local and international culinary delights consisting of original tastes in the À la carte menu.

Meeting Halls

The hotel provides service with 7 stylish business-centered, multi-purpose meeting rooms equipped with the latest technology, combining working life and comfort.

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